Why You Shouldn’t Slow Play in Poker at SCR888

The only reason you decided to show up at the poker table is that you want to make money. Online casino Malaysia gamblers want to win big rewards, and sometimes they barely have any patience for it. This leads to them employing techniques that are considered deceptive. These techniques may work in the short-run but in the long run, they do significant damage that is irreparable most of the time. Here we have examined why the technique called ‘slow playing’ should be avoided at all costs.  

What exactly is slow playing in online casino poker?

Also known as trapping or sandbagging, slow playing is a form of deceptive play in an online casino poker where a player places a weak bet while holding a strong hand so more players stay in the pot.

If you really think about it, slow playing is similar to bluffing or check-raising. The player who chooses to slow play actually has a strong hand but doesn’t portray it through his moves. In slow playing, the SCR888 players who have strong hands choose to check or call instead of raise or bet. Although slow playing could be beneficial in certain situations, it usually is dangerous.

Why slow play can be dangerous?

Slow playing, in general, is a bad idea in a situation where opponents fold a lot and play tight hands. In another situation, slow playing can be a bad idea if the opponents are playing passively. In most online casinos Malaysia, the players choose different playing styles of poker, which essentially means that you cannot choose to slow play in most of the situations.

Secondly,  slow playing is especially a bad move when you are playing on wet or coordinated boards where your opponents have the potential for straight draws or flush.

Finally, the slow play does not work well when you are playing with multiple opponents in 918Kiss online casino.

The only scenarios where slow playing would actually make sense include:

  • When you are up against 918Kiss loose or aggressive players,
  • When you are playing on non-coordinated, dry boards,
  • When you are in a heads-up situation.

If you are planning to play in online casinos Malaysia, it is important that you consider both do’s and don’ts of slow playing in an online casino. You need to assess the online casino poker games that you choose and then make choices based on how your opponents are playing. During the game, your scenarios will change so it all comes down to how you respond to certain situations.

In online casino Malaysia poker, you always have to keep your focus sharp. Think of all the possible combinations that your opponents can have and consistently strategies to beat the stronger hands. Sometimes in 918kiss online casino games, you have to go aggressive in order to win the table. Keep in mind that your goal is to play for money, so don’t waste time on deceptive methods that aren’t going to pay off in the long-run.

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