How to Identify the Four Types of Poker Players and Win SCR888 Poker Games

Have you heard the words “calling station”, “tag” or “rock”? These words refer to the poker playing styles and define the opponent’s position in a poker game. Having a robust understanding of your opponents’ positions can actually help you win, and this is why most poker players in SCR888 come prepared with a comprehensive knowledge of how poker players deal on the table. If you aren’t aware of different types of poker playing styles, here is a brief breakdown to help you get started.

The poker playing styles

Before we get into the classification of poker players, it is important to understand what distinguishes the different styles of playing. There are generally two main styles in SCR888 poker, namely starting hands (Does the opponents plays loose or tight hands?) and betting pattern (Does the opponent bets frequently/aggressively or passively?).

Poker players at online casinos Malaysia who play around the top 40% of the beginning hands are known as loose, while those poker players who only pay around 15% of the beginning hands are known to be tight.

Now based on this information, SCR888 players can usually have the following playing styles:

  • Tight-progressive (the TAG)
  • Tight-passive (the Rock)
  • Loose-aggressive (the LAG)
  • Loose-passive (the Calling Station)

The Rock

The Rock is a player who rarely bets and hardly raises any bets in online casino poker. So if you find yourself in the company of the Rock, know that he holds the strong hand. However, the passive way of playing the game deprives the Rock of getting increased or maximum bets from good hands in the online casino poker. In addition, the rock gives you a good chance to pull him out in case you complete his straight or his flush.

The Calling Station

It is style most beginner players choose where they play a lot of beginning hands but rarely bet or raise in the online poker. It’s hard to make much profit with this style at SCR888 or any other online casinos in Malaysia.


The players who choose this style play a few hands and make frequent bets. They also raise often but rarely make a call in a poker game.


The players who choose this style play a lot of hands and frequently raise the bets. However, they rarely call a bet.

It is hard to tell whether the SCR888 gambling enthusiasts are the LAG, the Rock, the TAG or the Calling Station. So it will take you some time to observe these playing styles and learn to strategies against opponents who use these styles. You may have to pick a style to when you play poker at SCR888, so you will have to counter-attack if your opponent uses the time-tested methods to bring you down. Don’t underestimate your opponent in an online poker and prepare yourself before you sit down on the table.

Poker is a vast subject; there is so much that you need to learn. So get started with the types of poker players, so you understand who you are up against in SCR888 poker games and what strategies can help you garner success.

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