Empire 777.com Review

This is a continuation of the Empire777.com review.

Empire777.com is currently one of the top trending online casinos with hundreds of popular games in its catalog that allow for an immersion gambling experience.


Site security

Empire777.com has a fully encrypted website that ensures proper security for the visitors. So you don’t have to worry about your private information while you engage in gambling activities. In addition, the site has quick customer support through Live chat that allows you to talk to the customer support staff any time.  The chat support is available in five different languages including English and Chinese.


Responsible gaming

The casino site urges its clients to cool off before they go on another gaming journey. Additionally, the gambling establishment thinks about that youngsters could mistakenly access their site. For such a situation, the gambling establishment encourages making use of certain software program that protects against kids from logging right into the online casino account.

The casino not just takes its business seriously however also insurance coverage the mental and also mental wellness of its casino site participants. With accountable gaming, the gambling establishment aims to inform and also motivate its members to completely comprehend the repercussions of too much playing way. It likewise reminds its members that winning and losing becomes part of the formula and that every member should recognize in when to leave the table and come back once again.



The casino has a very specific promotions program that includes seven different categories. This is unlike any other promotion catalog that we have never seen before. The casino has kept its promotional offers specific and concise while not compromising on the quality and quantity of the bonuses.

Each bonus category has specific rules and specific games. For example, in Songkran festival promotion, there are only a certain number of games that qualify for the bonus. These games include 888 Dragons, Treasure Horse, Monkey Madness, and 5 lions, to mention a few. Every promotional catalog has a set of rules. We’ll take the Songkran festival’s example again. In order to avail Songkran Festival’s prize money, you need to place a minimum bet of 0.5 USD or 2 MYR. However, you can withdraw your prize money without placing any bets.

The seven categories of bonuses include:

  • Songkran Festival
  • Exclusive rebate 888Empire
  • 100% welcome bonus
  • 10% reload bonus
  • 28% weekly rebate bonus
  • Get 3% from your friends (up to 300 MYR weekly)
  • Unlimited bonus (get 1% on every deposit)

For every promotion, there are general rules each player has to follow. These include:

  • Each promotion is limited to only one player or one registered account,
  • The casino has the right to change or cancel a promotion,
  • If a player is found to have a fraudulent account. He will not be rewarded with any promotional prize, money, or a bonus.



Empire777.com appears to have a solid standing in the online gambling industry with high rewards to the industry standards and individual player needs. Based on our research, we can vouch that the casino is a reliable platform for both professional and beginner online casino players. We recommend that you try the casino for yourself and determine whether its attributes features are suited to your needs. We found it to be reliable in terms of both security and business transparency.


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